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They spread images to try to identify a femicide in Balvanera

They spread images to try to identify a femicide in Balvanera

The femicide captured by security cameras.

A Buenos Aires investigative prosecutor decided to spread photos to try to identify a man who stabbed to death a 28-year-old girl after an argument in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Balvanerain November 2021, and who fled accompanied by another person without stealing anything from his victim.

This is the head of the National Criminal Prosecutor for Instruction 53, Matías Di Lello, who, through the institutional website released four photographs of the femicide, taken through the enlargement of the images of a security camera of the Buenos Aires government that captured the complete sequence of the attack.

In this way, The prosecutor requests the collaboration of the citizens to find witnesses who allow the femicide to be identifiedwho after specifying the fact fled walking in the company of a transvestite, who could not be identified either.

The incident that the suspect is accused of occurred around 4:45 a.m. on November 10, 2021, at the intersection of November 24 and Moreno streets, in the Balvanera neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

According to what could be seen on a security camera, the victim was a sex worker who was standing on that corner and began arguing with a man who was on the opposite sidewalk, along with a transvestite.

After a few minutes, the man crossed over to where the victim, identified by the initials BC, was standing behind her and began to attack her.

Another of the images released.

According to the autopsy, The young woman died as a result of multiple chest injuries caused by a sharp object.

Although the victim could still be transferred to a health center alive, he finally died days later as a result of the injuries he suffered.

The sequence was recorded by the cameras of the Urban Monitoring Center of the City Government and there the complete sequence of the event could be observed, although the aggressor was never identified despite the field tasks and investigations carried out by Buenos Aires police personnel. .

“We are working so that the case does not go unpunished, a very strong job was done but for the moment it was not possible to give the attacker a name and surname”An investigator told Télam, adding that the suspicion is that the discussion that led to the crime arose from the place where the victim worked.

“We believe that there was no robbery, that they did not appropriate any of the victim’s belongings. The hypothesis points to a discussion on the corner where the victim offered his services,” added the investigation.

“For this reason, all those who can provide information about the act or the identity of the aggressor are requested to contact the prosecutor’s office at the telephone numbers (011) 4380-2016 / 2017 / 2019, at the cell phone (011) 155-339 -8427, or to the email”, says the note published in

They may also go to the prosecutor’s office, located at 1171 Lavalle Street, 1st Floor, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

Last August, Another prosecutor resorted to the same mechanism of disseminating photos and video with the sequence of the crime of a man that occurred in February of this year and the murderer was identified and arrested.

This is the crime of a man identified as Juan Carlos González Mahecha (49), of Colombian nationality, who was stabbed to death on February 6 of this year, also in the Balvanera neighborhood.

A week after the images were released, on August 18, Darío Ricardo Espinoza (34), who lived in a house located on 400 Catamarca Street, three blocks from the scene of the murder, was arrested as the author of the crime. .

The dissemination of images in the media of a crime like this was already key to the identification of the murderer in another case with similar characteristics, such as the femicide of Chilean student Nicole Sessarego Bórquez (21), in 2014 in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Almagro.

The intersection of streets where the murder occurred.

On that occasion, the decision of the investigating judge Luis Zelaya to make known through the media the 19 videos from different security cameras in the area, which that morning came to capture all the stalking and the follow-up that the murderer made of Nicole since the girl left the Castro Barros station of Subway A to the address where she was murdered.

When the images from the security cameras were published, Lucas Ariel Azcona’s sister recognized him as the culprit and told his father, who handed him over to Justice.

Azcona, then 24 years old, was sentenced in November 2016 by the Oral Criminal Court 15 to life imprisonment for the crime of “double aggravated homicide by treachery and femicide.”

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