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They sold decomposed meat in various shops in Capira

Judith Pena | May 25, 2023

More than 300 pounds of decomposed meat were seized through Operation Iron 1 carried out by the National Police, the Public Ministry and the Ministry of Health in various businesses in the Capira district.

In total there were eight verified sites in the sectors of El Límite, Nueva Arenosa, Lajas Lisas and Lídice, among these 3 residences, 2 mini-supermarkets, 2 dance gardens and 1 food restaurant.

The meat products were removed and destroyed on site by the Minsa veterinary doctors, in total there were more than 275 pounds of pork, more than 30 pounds between meat and beef offal, 8 whole chickens, among others.

In addition to the meat products, as part of the investigation, they collected evidence such as 9 ferrets, 4 cell phones, USB flash drives, and proof of check payments to livestock auctions located in the provinces of Panama and Coclé.

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