Le cantan 20 años de prisión a un hombre que mató a su compañero de atraco

They sing 20 years in prison to a man who killed his robbery partner

The Fourth Collegiate Court of the National District imposed 20 years in prison on a man found guilty of taking the life of a colleague robbery who tried to disarm him, in an altercation between the two that occurred in July of last year.

The judges Arisleida Méndez, Keyla Pérez and Elías Santini sentenced the defendant Maicol Felipe Cordero, alias Mejía, to serve his sentence in the La Victoria detention center.

During the hearing, the fiscal litigant Orlando Santos presented the testimonial, documentary and expert evidence that served as the basis for the court to pronounce the sentence.

About the fact, proceedings instrumented by the National District Prosecutor’s Office establishes that it occurred at 10:30 at night, when the victim José Antonio Columna, alias The fattyand the convicted person today were planning a robbery with two other people.

He indicates that after reaching an agreement, they moved to 14th Street in Guachupita, carrying firearms. He details that on the way, Columna met a man whom he described as his enemy, so the robbers fired several shots at him and continued on their way.

Minutes later, there was an altercation in which Columna tried to disarm Cordero, but Cordero reacted by firing several shots at him and walking away with the weapons they both carried. Columna was taken to a hospital where he died from his gunshot wounds.

Before the process, the Public Ministry described Maicol Felipe Cordero’s conduct as voluntary homicide and illegal possession of a firearm, crimes provided for and punished in articles 295 and 304 of the Penal Code and articles 66 and 67 of Law 631-16, for the Control and Regulation of Weapons, Ammunition and Related Materials.

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