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They sign agreements in favor of educational quality

They sign agreements in favor of educational quality

The Ministry of Education of the Dominican Republic (MINERD) and the Church through the Archdiocese of Santo Domingo signed eight agreements individuals for the co-management of 17 educational centers that will benefit more than 6,000 students of the Initial, Primary and Secondary levels of Greater Santo Domingo and Monte Plata.

The Minister of Education, Ángel Hernández, assured that these agreements are an example of an efficient mechanism for investing resources.

“Here in the Church Catholic, there is a guarantee that the investment made in human resources, training, appointment of personnel and equipment will be used efficiently and will strengthen public education at the national level”, he stated.

Hernández pointed out that this type of alliance will result in “more schools having a concern to guarantee that learning is efficient and functional”, and in this sense he stressed that education is a good in which all people must put effort and investment .

On his side, the metropolitan archbishop of Santo Domingo, Monsignor Francisco Ozoria Acosta, stated that this agreement seeks to guarantee a higher quality of education, since the Church wants every day to have better education in our educational centers.

“We want to add more centers, and we want to increase the number of children and adolescents,” said Ozoria Acosta, who described the agreement as a momentous event that strengthens the link between the Church Catholic and the Dominican educational system.

Likewise, Monsignor Benito Ángeles, delegate of the Bishops’ Conference in MINERD, assured that this agreement reflects the union of the wills of the Government, politics and the Church. He pointed out that it is necessary to “continue opening new possibilities for growth in equity, inclusion and co-responsibility in the field of education.”

Ángeles appreciated that, together with the management headed by Minister Hernández, with this agreement “we are going to achieve a high goal in the course of time to come. The minister shows that he assumes the sense of solidarity that we have wanted to develop ”

An effort that continues

On December 10, 2015, the Ministry of Education and the Archdiocese of Santo Domingo signed the “Framework Collaboration Agreement for the co-management of educational centers run by the Church Catholic” in the country. To date, 138 educational centers nationwide have become part of this agreement.

With the signing of these new eight private agreements, there are 17 new educational centers, which will be co-managed by the Archdiocese of Santo Domingo, the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Rosary, the Congregation of the Rosary Sisters, the Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of Jesus, the Focolare Movement, the Work of Maria (Female Branch), the Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of the Heart Sisters of Jesus, the Congregation of the Daughters of Mary Escuelas Pias, and the Congregation of the Mission of Saint Vincent de Paul.

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