Luis Larrea fue conducido a las celdas de la Felcc /APG

They set up a vigil at the gates of the Felcc in La Paz demanding the release of Larrea

July 9, 2022, 3:20 PM

July 9, 2022, 3:20 PM

The Medical College of Bolivia, through a statement, reported on the installation of a permanent vigil at the doors of the Special Force to Fight Crime (Felcc) of La Paz, where the head of the collegiate, Luis Larrea, is currently apprehended.

The document brands the doctor as a political prisoner of the national government. Likewise, it reiterates the state of emergency due to the apprehension of the doctor.

Meanwhile, the Departmental Medical Association in Santa Cruz, in addition to announcing the indefinite strike mobilized from midnight on Monday, July 11, both in the public, private and social security sectors, summoned its members to a great march starting at 10:00 on the same Monday.

The concentration is planned at the San Juan de Dios hospital, at 08:00 to participate in an assembly, prior to the demonstration.

Larrea García, also president of the Bolivian Medical College, was arrested Friday night in La Paz, accused by the alleged crime of murder.

The doctor had been summoned to testify at the Prosecutor’s Office since 2:00 p.m. on Friday and at the end of the hearing he was taken to the cells of the Special Force to Fight Crime (Felcc), of the Government headquarters, for his subsequent hearing. precautionary

The prosecutor assigned to the case, Ismael Rojas, indicated that the complaint against the doctor is made by a brother of his, “noticed through a neighbor, who sent you a text message. This has happened in June 2021, and the complaint has only been filed in May of this year.

A few minutes ago it became known about the arrest of Antonio José Larrea García, accused of not having attended his father in a timely manner together with Luis Larrea. Their father died on June 6, 2021 due to covid-19, explained this Saturday the political brother, Leonardo Larrea, who activated the complaint for lack of help.

In statements to the state channel, Leonardo Larrea indicated that, when the father died, Luis Larrea would have hidden the body and the address where he was being watched; while his other brother, Antonio José, having a clinic with ten specialties in the same building where his father lived, did not give him enough help.

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