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They set up a health center in facilities confiscated from the María Elena Cuadra Movement

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They set up a health center in facilities confiscated from the María Elena Cuadra Movement

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) inaugurated the Dra. Erlinda López health center in the building that belonged to the María Elena Cuadra Movement (MEC), located in District II of Managua and that had recently been donated to the Teletón Foundation.

The Presidential Advisor for Local Affairs for Comprehensive Health Care, Carolina Dávila, stated that this day “goes down in history”, because “thanks to the political will of Commander Daniel Ortega and comrade Rosario Murillo, this health center was inaugurated”. After being snatched from Fundación Teletón, outside the old offices of the women’s movement, the Ortega dictatorship ordered a sign to be put up announcing that this place belonged to the health institution.

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“Health center number 17 in the department of Managua, which is going to benefit more than 60,000 people who live in this sector of Managua, in which we have made an investment of more than 1 million córdobas,” Dávila said during the opening ceremony of the building.

Regime inaugurates a health center in the facilities of the María Elena Cuadra Movement. Photo: Official media

Inside the facilities, and as is the custom of the presidential couple, you can see the allusion to the political propaganda of their ruling party. In the paintings, the images of Augusto C. Sandino, Carlos Fonseca Amador and in the center the presidential couple smiling and embracing stand out.

At the beginning of May of this year, Fundación Teletón notified that the MEC had donated its three buildings located in Managua, Estelí and Juigalpa, so that they could be used as care centers and shelters for children.

“The association (María Elena Cuadra Movement) had given us the protection of the three places (offices) and in Managua we left guards, (but) a week later the Police arrived saying that by order of the Attorney General’s Office (General of the Republic) we had to leave the property until the Attorney General’s Office analyzed the case, ”explained the president of Fundación Teletón, José Evenor Taboada.

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The Telethon planned to use the Managua and Estelí offices as service centers, while the Juigalpa office would function as a shelter to serve families visiting the Central Region Telethon Center.

The dictatorship, through its majority bench in the National Assembly, has canceled the legal personality of more than 700 Non-Governmental Organizations since December 2018, including 42 foreign organizations.

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