They sentenced the man who tried to kidnap a woman in Paso Molino

Justice sentenced to 15 months in prison effective this Wednesday the man who last Saturday 21 approached a woman in Paso Molino and tried to kidnap her, according to the spokesman for the Prosecutor’s Office, Javier Benech.

The penalty responds to “a crime of aggravated deprivation of liberty in real reiteration”, as well as to “personal injuries aggravated intentional” and “simulation of crime”. The latter because the convicted person denounced that the attacked young woman and the woman who saved her, in fact, tried to rob him.

The approximately 50-year-old man tried to kidnap the young woman while she was walking down Agraciada and Pilar Costa streets, in Paso Molino. “He surprises me from behind, covers my mouth so I can’t scream and puts a knife to my neck”, narrated the woman in Underlined. “He told me not to shout and to act as if I were his partner,” she said. They walked like this for a block until another woman appeared on her corner and she began to beat the man to get him to free her.

“I called the police as soon as he released me and we started chasing him”continued the story.

The young woman also began to record the man and then uploaded the video to Twitter. For her, “it was more than just a robbery.” She argued that if that had been her intention, she would have stolen her “backpack full of things.” Also, the fact was recorded by security cameras.

The condemned declared this Wednesday before the prosecutor of Flagrancia of 16º Shift, Angelita Romano. She had two criminal records for robbery.

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