They send the troubadour Fernando Becquer to jail

The troubadour Fernando Bécquer, who had been penalized last October to limitation of freedom without internment, as a result of multiple complaints of sexual abuse against him, he must serve his sentence in jail, according to what was reported by the Havana Provincial Court.

The change in the sentence takes place after the publication by Bécquer last Monday on his Facebook page of two provocative song lyrics “still in the composition process”, which unleashed a majority rejection for their misogynistic and offensive nature towards their victims.

As a result of this fact, “on January 10, the Popular Municipal Court of Centro Habana issued a resolution ordering the revocation of the alternative sanction of 3 years and 4 months of limitation of liberty (probation), originally imposed by final sentence of that same judicial body, to the citizen Fernando Daniel Becquer Cifuentes, for various crimes of lascivious abuse”, refers an official note.

New misogynistic expressions of Fernando Bécquer provoke rejection

“The new decision of the aforementioned court of justice, based on Article 33 section 1, subparagraph b) of Law No. 152 of 2022 –Criminal Execution Law–, is due to the fact that the citizen Becquer Cifuentes has recently incurred in serious acts that flagrantly and notoriously fail to comply with the requirements of good conduct and respect for the norms of social coexistence, to which he was obliged in compliance with the aforementioned legal situation, as had been previously warned”, adds the communication of the Provincial Court of the Cuban capital.

“By virtue of the new judicial resolution issued, from now on, said citizen will comply with the sanction imposed in the internal regime in a penitentiary establishment,” ends the note, dated this Thursday.

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