They seized 369 ammunition from criminal groups in Carabobo

A total of 369 cartridges of different calibers have been seized by security agencies from criminal groups operating in Carabobo, according to reports. In the last few hours, they also seized seven firearms, two rifle magazines, two radio transmitters, a motorcycle and two grenades.

During the proceedings, 13 members of criminal organizations have been captured. In the La Guaricha sector, San Diego (Carabobo), they caught five members of the Los Guaricheros group and killed two of them, according to a report from the National Anti-Extortion and Kidnapping Command (Conas) 41.

In this procedure, the military seized a 9 mm submachine gun and a 7.62×39 rifle, as well as 369 cartridges.

In Morón (Carabobo), they arrested Ramón Darío Vargas Mendoza and David Manuel Castillo, members of the Los Rastrilleros group, from whom they seized a 16 shotgun.

In Tocuyito (Carabobo) they caught two members of Los Enanos: José Rojas Guevara and José Castillo Peña who possessed a non-industrially manufactured firearm.
In the Ruiz Pineda sector of Valencia, the military detained two members of Los Piratas: Luis Eduardo Barrios Rodríguez and Adrián José Mejía Vásquez, from whom they detained a 9mm pistol.

The detainees were handed over to the Prosecutor’s Office.

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