They seized 21.6 tons of drugs in five months

They seized 21.6 tons of drugs in five months

Between January 1st and May 31st, different security agencies seized 21,632 kilos with 798 grams of drugs, according to figures compiled by the National Anti-Drug Superintendence (Sunad) to which we had access. This amount represents an increase of 18.77% compared to 2021.

The 21.6 tons of drugs were seized through 3,089 procedures where 3,797 people were arrested, according to the official balance.

Cocaine is the drug that produced the largest seizures, adding 17,394 kilos with 107 grams; that is, 80.41% of the total substances retained. While of marijuana they seized 4,228 kilos with 216 grams, which represents 19.55% of the total drugs, according to the document.

95.03% of the drug seized between January and last May was detected in five entities: Zulia (73.62%), Bolívar (7.90%), Apure (6.91%), Falcón (6.05%) and Tachira (1.55%).

In total, 34 anti-drug operations were carried out, through which 32 illegal runways and 37 laboratories for the processing of narcotic and psychotropic substances were destroyed.

In addition, the authorities neutralized 12 aircraft used by drug trafficking groups: 1 disabled, 1 recovered, 3 damaged and 7 immobilized.

In these operations, the security agencies also seized 315 assets: 1 aircraft, 12 boats, 149 vehicles, 17 buildings and 136 various objects.

The Bolivarian National Guard is the security agency that seized the largest amount of drugs between January and last May, retaining 20,822 kilos with 611 grams, 96.25 of the total, according to Sunad. They are followed by the Bolivarian National Police (3.60%), state police (0.09%), Cicpc (0.04%) and municipal police (0.01%).


One of the last anti-drug procedures occurred at the Peracal Citizen Service Point, located in San Antonio del Táchira, where the GNB detained Edinson Manuel Baltazar Uribe, a Colombian national. This man had four marijuana panels hidden in a bag with vegetables, which yielded a total weight of 2 kilos with 102 grams.

Baltazar Uribe was traveling by foot from Colombia, bound for the city of Capacho Viejo, Táchira.

The man was handed over to the Public Ministry.

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