They seize more than 3,400 pairs of shoes and 1,800 apocryphal clothing items in Moreno

They seize more than 3,400 pairs of shoes and 1,800 apocryphal clothing items in Moreno

Photo: Federal Police.

More than 3,400 pairs of sneakers and 1,800 sports clothing were seized after a series of 20 raids on three shopping malls in the Buenos Aires town of Moreno, as part of an investigation for breach of the trademark law, reported police sources and judicial.

The Intelligence Department against Organized Crime of the Argentine Federal Police (PFA) carried out the procedures in the shopping malls “La Dulce Cita”, “Transbordo Moreno” and “Paseo del Rey”, in the western part of the suburbs Buenos Aires

The sources told Télam that during the operations a total of 3,441 pairs of sneakers, ankle boots and flip-flops and 1,840 imitation top-brand sportswear were seized.

In addition, the federal agents seized three notebooks with annotations, an invoice stub and a check with a CVU from the Mercado Pago application, of interest to the cause.

“The complaint was initiated at the beginning of the year by the legal representation of the Adidas and Nike brands, which indicated that there were a multiplicity of stalls selling merchandise with their brands,” a judicial source told Télam.

The case was promoted by the Federal Criminal and Correctional Court 2 of Morón, in charge of Jorge Rodríguez, before the secretary 8 of Ignacio Calvi, after learning of several commercial sales positions in the three shopping malls.

Federal Police Photo
Photo: Federal Police.

According to the complaint, several stalls sold apocryphal clothing and footwear from leading brands such as Nike, Adidas, Fila, Jordan, New Balance, Crocs, Lacoste, Pony, among others.

The agents of the Intelligence Department against Organized Crime of the PFA identified the positions that sold the merchandise, after carrying out surveillance and survey of the shopping centers.

From the investigation it was determined that a large percentage of the posts were attended by people of different nationalities and that it has private security personnel.

As a result of the results obtained from the investigation, Judge Rodríguez issued an order for 20 searches, which were carried out last Thursday at noon.

According to the sources, on the “La Dulce Cita” promenade, located on Bartolomé Miter Avenue and Pirovano Avenue, 2,109 pesos in cash, 2,300 pairs of slippers, 1,250 items of clothing, notebooks with annotations, bill stubs and the CVU to receive transfers and seven merchants were notified of the start of the case.

Federal Police Photo
Photo: Federal Police.

In the Transbordo Moreno shopping center, located near the avenues. Alcorta and Bartolomé Mitre, the police seized 557 shoes and boots and 383 sports clothing, and notified four people of the start of a case.

Finally, in the “Paseo del Rey” shopping mall, located on 600 Bartolomé Miter Avenue, 584 slippers and flip-flops and 181 clothing items of different brands were seized.

The people were notified by the initiation of a case for infringement of the Trademark Law (22,362), while everything seized was made available to the intervening court.

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