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They seize concealed firearms in a tank sent from the US

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Police agents, together with the Customs Intelligence Management (GIA) and the Public Ministry, managed to seize a rifle, an Uzi, six pistols, and a total of 1,020 ammunition for pistols, rifles, and shotguns, all hidden inside a tank with items basic necessities shipped from the borough of Brooklyn, New York, United States.

In this case, two men were detained by the National Police for investigative purposes, who act as the recipients of the seized illicit merchandise, after being detected by members of the General Supervisory Office for Military Security (DGA) and the State Intelligence Directorate. major of the armed forces (J2), in an X-ray verification, last Tuesday, December 27.

The aforementioned authorities found inside the tank a rifle, six pistols, an Uzi, 10 pistol magazines, a rifle magazine, a pistol holder; 250 cal. capsules 5.56mm; 670 cal. capsules 9mm, and 100 cal cartridges. 12mm.

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The investigation process determined that the aforementioned articles were sent by a man (already identified by the Police, resident in Brooklyn, New York, to be received by a man, detained for investigation purposes, resident in La Jagua del Yuna, province Duarte.

The recipient of the merchandise went to the shipping company accompanied by another man, who was also detained for investigation purposes.

The data storage devices seized from the detainees were sent to the National Institute of Forensic Sciences (INACIF) and the weapons remained in the possession of the Public Ministry, which will be taken to the Scientific Police for the rigorous processes.

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