They seize 607 packages with alleged illicit substances in ‘Operation Bishop’, in the last 72 hours

A total of 607 packages with illicit substances were seized by the security forces, during the ‘Operation Alfil’ carried out in the country, in the last 72 hours.

Also, 559 people were apprehended, of which 271 correspond to ex officio, 42 in flagrante delicto, 201 administrative offenses, 43 for microtrafficking and 2 for drug trafficking.

They indicate that 33 weapons, 498 ammunition were seized, 19 vehicles, 3 cars and 01 seized boat were recovered and B/. 676.10.

While, the units of the National Directorate of Traffic Operations placed 5,251 infractions, of which 238 for proven drunkenness, 1,737 for speeding, 119 for alcoholic breath, 123 inadequate lights, 129 expired licenses and 51 for talking on the cell phone. .

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