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They seize 424 kilos of cocaine and apprehend three in a maritime hunt

Members of the National Drug Control Directorate (DNCD), of the Dominican Army and Air Force, seized 424 packages of cocaine last night and arrested three Dominicans who arrived on the coast of the Peravia province aboard a speedboat from South America. .

The detainees during a maritime and land pursuit that lasted several hours were identified as Johanny de Jesús de la Rosa, Alejandro Peralta and Franklin Efraín Peñas, who remained in the hands of the Public Ministry, which was also present in the seizure of the drug. .

The authorities said that the three Creoles arrived on the shores of the Peravia Province aboard a Go Fast-type boat, 28 feet long, with no name and no registration, equipped with two 75-horsepower engines each, with l8 jugs of gasoline.

The spokesman for the National Directorate for the Control of D.rogas (DNCD, Carlos Devers, presents the drug seized in Bani.

After being intercepted in the Punta Salina area, the DNCD agents, members of the Navy, the Air Force and intelligence agencies under the condition of the Public Ministry, found inside the boat 14 sacks containing the 424 packages of cocaine.

In addition to the drugs and the arrest of the three Dominicans, the authorities also seized Dios GPS, three cell phones and a satellite phone, which will also be used as evidence to request a court of Peravia, a measure of coercion against the three Creoles.

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After concluding the operation, members of the DNCD, Navy, and Air Force proceeded to transfer to the Institute of Forensic Sciences the
424 kitchen packages, in the midst of a strict security control and the detainees taken to the Peravia Province Prosecutor’s Office.

The authorities estimate that the confiscation of the 424 packages of cocaine and the arrest of the three Dominicans is another resounding blow, received by the groups that try to introduce narcotics into the country, both through the southern and eastern areas of the national territory.

It is stated that there are more than 35 tons of drugs seized by the DNCD, the Navy and the Public Ministry, during the course of this year 2022, with the support of the Air Force and the agencies of the various State security agencies.

In addition to Dominicans, during the seizures, the authorities have also arrested Colombians and Venezuelans who are also part of the drug trafficking structures, dismantled by the authorities during the present 2022.

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