They search for missing workers after the overturning of a dredger in El Bagre, Antioquia

They search for missing workers after the overturning of a dredger in El Bagre, Antioquia

The company Mineros SA confirmed the overturning of a floating processing plant -draga- in El Bagre, Antioquia, with several employees, The exact number of how many there would be is not yet known.

The authorities advance the search for the employees, who fell into the waters of the Cauca River, after heavy rains and winds that were recorded on the afternoon of this May 28 in the area.

In a statement, they reported that they are in the investigation process to “determine what triggered this unfortunate situation.” Meanwhile, they called for prudence and to consult the official channels of information for the peace of families.

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It has been known, according to information from the community, that there would be five missing workers in this emergency. Nevertheless, It is information that the authorities try to verify.

Municipalities on alert

in Antioch, 17 Antioquia municipalities are at risk due to the probability of landslides in unstable and steep areas and floods, after the high flows of the rivers and streams in the region. Among the municipalities on red alert are Caucasia, Barbosa, Bello, San Francisco and Betania.

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The municipalities of Urrao, Betulia and Itagüí attend emergencies due to landslides and floods, after the heavy rains that persist in the department. Another 16 municipalities are on red alert for landslides in unstable areas.

The director of the Department of Risk Management (Dagran), Jaime Gómez Zapata, confirmed that in Urrao 18 families had damage to their homes. In Itagüí they continue with the search for a girl who fell into a ravine. in Bethulia, About 50 landslides -in rural areas-, keep a district incommunicado.

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