They reveal that the nephew of congressman Elías Varas participates in parliamentary activities without being hired

They reveal that the nephew of congressman Elías Varas participates in parliamentary activities without being hired

Jefferson Varas Seguín, nephew of the congressman (), participated in parliamentary activities with his uncle, despite not being formally hired by the Legislature, revealed a report from the program Cuarto Poder.

The investigation detailed that, on April 1, the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations published on its Facebook account a series of photos of the meeting between the head of the sector, Diana Miloslavich and the congressman Elijah Varas. Among the images you can see the presence of Jefferson Varas, as if he were another worker in Parliament.

In this sense, the registry of visits detailed that the relative of the legislator entered said meeting as if he were part of the official delegation of Congress.

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Likewise, a document revealed that the parliamentarian and his nephew registered, on January 18, as members of Congress in a meeting in which they discussed with the Minister of Housing, Construction and Sanitation. Geiner Alvarado.

Other visits he made Jefferson Rods to a ministerial office was the last March 10, when he accompanied his uncle, again as part of a congressional delegation, to talk with the head of the Ministry of Production, George Pradoaccording to the official register of said portfolio.

Leandro Cernaformer advisor to the office of Free Peru parliamentarian Elías Varas, said he recalled that the nephew has accompanied his uncle since the electoral campaign for the 2021 elections and also noted that he saw him as part of a delegation on an official representative visit made by the legislator in Ancash.

The Sunday program also tried to consult him for his presence in various parliamentary activities, as if he were a member of Congress, but Varas Seguín dodged the questions and replied that they were making a mistake.

Something similar happened with Congressman Elijah Varaswho, when asked about this issue, did not intend to deny it and simply threatened to denounce the journalist.

Don’t adjust me. That is not the way to investigate. I’m tired of this press, do research (…) I’m not interested, transcribe, then, because I denounce you and all the lying program you have”, he expressed.

Possible consequences

the criminal lawyer Romy Chang pointed out to Cuarto Poder that this situation is classified in the Penal Code as an issue against public faith because Jefferson Varas Seguín is presenting himself as a congressional worker.

Apparently, he could be usurping a public function that does not correspond to him and, if this is the case, we would be talking about a penalty that ranges from 4 to 7 years in prison, which is a much more serious penalty.”, he indicated

If the nephew commits generic falsehood and public usurpation, the congressman commits the same crimes, but as a crime participant, collaborator of the crime”, he added.


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