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They retire 1,076 more sub-prefects placed by hand by Pedro Castillo

They approve an opinion to eliminate prefectures

The general director of the General Directorate of Internal Government, Benigna Aguilar Vera, signed a new resolution concluding the

This is the second provision during the week that orders the departure of district sub-prefects who were appointed by the government of Pedro Castillo and who are designated as allies of the former president as they are officials subscribed to Peru Libre and instigators of the marches in favor of the today imprisoned coup leader .

On December 12, Minister Alberto Otárola indicated that they were going to dismiss these authorities and that they would look for suitable people and without “political color” to occupy these positions.

SIGHT: Former Defense Minister Mariano Gonzáles: “Prefect posts are no longer necessary today, but are harmful to governability”

However, Congress seeks the total elimination of the prefectures and sub-prefectures by arguing that the spending made on these authorities – even – would exceed the budget that is delivered annually to the General Fire Department, which is S/60 million. .

It is also indicated that Castillo and the former director of the Interior Government Directorate, Edward Chuquilín, increased the budget that was destined for these officials to more than S/80 million.

Former Defense Minister Mariano González told Perú21TV that these positions are no longer necessary. “The role that they (the prefectures) have today is that of a political apparatus at the service of the regime; These positions were occupied by people committed to acts against the democratic form and by people who have relations with Movadef and organizations close to Sendero Luminoso”.


  • On December 24, 312 district sub-prefects were removed from office. They join the provincial sub-prefects and regional prefects who were also removed from their posts.


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