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They rescue a jaguarundi and a coati in Concepción

At noon this Thursday, volunteer firefighters from Concepción rescued a “Moorish cat”, popularly known as “Jaguarundi”. It happened in Puerto Candelaria, after the animal attacked a worker.

The firefighters took approximately three hours to capture the animal, which, by order of the Environmental Prosecutor’s Office, will remain in the firefighters’ barracks until it is inspected by officials from the Ministry of the Environment.

Hours later, the firefighters themselves captured a coati, which was apparently kept as a pet and fled from the house in which it was located.

Both animals are in good condition, but an inspection and subsequent information on their fate is also awaited.

Coati captured in Concepción. Photo: Angel Arrow.

The entrance They rescue a jaguarundi and a coati in Concepción was first published in diary TODAY.

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