They request an arrest warrant against Carla Angola for justifying the assassination

They request an arrest warrant against Carla Angola for justifying the assassination

The Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab, reported this Thursday that the Public Ministry requested an arrest warrant against the journalist Carla Angola for the alleged commission of apology in relation to the crime of assassination.

At a press conference, the prosecutor stated that the Public Ministry opened an investigation against Carla Angola Rodríguez, because she publicly in a television program, based in Miami, instigated the perpetration of an assassination against the President of the Republic, Nicholas Maduro.

In the aforementioned program, Angola says verbatim: “The United States uses a drone and disappears the second in command of Al Qaeda and the whole world wonders on networks, why don’t they do the same with Nicolás Maduro?”

“With the worst of self-confidence and irresponsibility, this lady invents an excuse from social networks to refer what she wants,” questioned the prosecutor.

For this reason, – Saab said – the aforementioned prosecutor’s office “requested an arrest warrant against Carla Angola for the alleged commission of apology in relation to the crime of assassination.”

The request for arrest was made before the State Court of First Instance in Control Functions of the Criminal Judicial Circuit of the Caracas Metropolitan Area, while the investigation of the case was entrusted to the 8th Prosecutor of the Caracas Metropolitan Area and national prosecutors.

Convictions for frustrated assassination

The prosecutor pointed out that this Thursday, at 5:30 in the morning, the trial against those responsible for the assassination attemptheld on August 4, 2018 on Avenida Bolívar in Caracas, with a drone.

In this sense, he explained that 12 of the defendants were sentenced to 30 years and five were damned to sentences of 24, 20, 16, 8 and 5 years in prison.

He explained that the crimes committed by those sentenced to 30 years are “treason against the country; intentional homicide qualified in degree of frustration in the person of the President of the Republic; Qualified intentional homicide executed with treachery and for futile reasons to the degree of frustration; and throwing of explosive device in public gatherings».

And in the case of the others involved, he indicated that “they were convicted of terrorism, financing of terrorism, conspiracy, concealment of the crime of terrorism and association.”

Balance of five years of management

On the occasion of serving five years as head of the Public Ministry, the prosecutor took stock of his management, in which he highlighted the internal restructuring of the agency to adapt it to the new dynamics of both national and transnational crime.

In this regard, he mentioned the creation of the General Directorate against Corruption and the Coordination of Seized Assets, of the Anti-Drug Intelligence Division and the Office of Human Rights Victim Assistance.

Likewise, the elevation of the Directorate of Human Rights to the category of General Directorate for the Protection of Human Rights, and the Directorate of Common Crimes to the category of General Directorate against Common Crimes.

In addition to the inauguration of the new headquarters of the Comprehensive Approach Service for Victims of Crimes of Gender Violence in Caracas, and the creation of specialized prosecutor’s offices in matters of Money Laundering and Economic Crimes, the national prosecutor’s offices specialized in the crime of human trafficking boys, girls and adolescents; and in the crime of trafficking in women.

Also, specialized prosecutor’s offices in defense of labor rights were created; in agrarian matters; in environmental defense, domestic fauna, fishing and aquaculture; in indigenous matters and in protection of gender diversity.

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