Solicitan un año de prisión contra Mantequilla y suspender Inversiones 3.14 por estafa millonaria

They request a year in prison against Mantequilla and suspend Investments 3.14 for millionaire fraud

MONTE PLATA (Dominican Republic).- The Public Ministry requested the Permanent Attention Office of that jurisdiction to impose a year of preventive detention, as a measure of coercion, against Wilkin Garcia Peguero (Butter) under charges of fraud and death threat.

The accusatory file against Mantequilla establishes that he incurred in the violation of the aforementioned acts foreseen and sanctioned in accordance with the provisional legal classification of 307 and 405 of the Dominican Penal Code.

In the same way, the Public Prosecutor’s Office states, under the broadest reservation of Law, that, “as regards the company 3.14 investments World Wide, we request a measure of real coercion established in article 243 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, consisting of the suspension of the commercial operations that it carries out until the investigation is completed.”

In addition, the prosecution announced that received complaints and complaints from some 35 affected victims with more than 20 million pesos that they contributed to the accused and his company not regulated by the financial system, with the promise that they would have ample returns.

The petition was presented by Ramona Santana Uceta, interim prosecutor of Monte Plata, and prosecutors Yalitza Maralay Martínez Acosta, Félix T. Heredia Heredia and Ángela Contreras Albuez.

The Public Ministry managed, on November 9, the arrest warrant against García Peguero. In response, Carmen Daniela Araujo, chief judge of the Judicial Office of Permanent Attention Services of the Judicial District of Monte Plata, issued order no. 668-2022-SAJP-01389 against the defendant who was later arrested in the National District by police officers.

garcia peguero raised millions of pesos through an unregulated company called 3.14 Inversiones World Wide, which operated in a commercial premises and in a residence in the Sabana Grande de Boyá municipality, and about which the financial authorities warned the population that it was a pyramidal business.

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