They report the impact of two missiles in a town near the Polish-Ukrainian border

According to Polish sources, two missiles fell on a farm in the town of Przewodów, near the Polish-Ukrainian border. Two people are reported dead.

It is not entirely clear where they came from, but it is reported that they fell around the same time that a Russian missile attack was taking place in western Ukraine.

A Polish government spokesman said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki convened the Council of Ministers Committee for National Security and Defense Affairs.

Spokesman Piotr Mueller did not immediately confirm the report, but said top Polish leaders were holding an emergency meeting due to a “crisis situation.”

“Any information presented to the Commission today will be released to the public later to the extent possible,” he added.

Poland is a member of NATO, and could invoke clause 5 of the collective defense treaty: “an armed attack against a member country will be considered an attack against the entire Alliance.”

According to the agency Reuters, The Russian Ministry of Defense denied that its missiles had reached Polish territory and considered this information “a deliberate provocation aimed at escalating the situation.” AlreadyIt added: “No attacks were carried out on targets near the Ukrainian-Polish state border with Russian means of destruction.”

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