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They report the disappearance of a girl in Caacupé

Basilica Benítez, 43, denounced that yesterday at approximately 11:00 his daughter Sonia Elizaberth Noguera Benítez, He was playing with other children in the Caacupé plaza, while she was selling chipas, but at one point she no longer saw the girl.

He began to look for her in the area, but without success. Today he went to file the complaint before the 1st Police Station in Caacupé and a search warrant was issued for the minor. Prosecutor Carina Sánchez intervened and ordered a series of proceedings.

The security cameras in the area are being reviewed to try to see if the girl was taken by force by someone else and to find Sonia’s whereabouts.

The search is made complicated by the large number of people who are now in the city of Caacupé, but the area is being searched.

The entrance They report the disappearance of a girl in Caacupé was first published on newspaper TODAY.

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