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They remember the closure of the Costanera Avenue since the early hours of this Wednesday

The various indigenous communities that arrived in the country’s capital are dissatisfied with the first proposals made by the government authorities. They do not rule out staying longer in Asunción, until their claims are heard.

The indigenous belonging to communities of the Eastern and Western Region, They are stationed in front of the Cabildo waiting for what will be the march this Wednesday in commemoration of Columbus Day.

This Tuesday they kept the first meetings with authorities, leaving them in the intermediate room to analyze the proposals, that at the moment do not convince the sector.

The march scheduled for tomorrow will begin at 8:00 am and they plan to go to the headquarters of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG), the Ministry of Urban Planning and Housing and the Ministry of Children and Adolescents.

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The demonstration will be demanding several demands, one of the main ones being access to land. In case of not complying with what they ask, they will remain in the capital for a longer time.

The arrival of the natives to the capital took place in the midst of a controversy, since the Municipality of Asunción opposed their being installed in public spaces and proposed the former Metropolitan Seminary as a temporary shelterHowever, the indigenous people rejected the offer and settled on the side of the Plaza de Armas.

the occupants there would be approximately 2,500 and the leaders promised to stay within a delimited perimeter, which is outside the recently refurbished part.

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