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They reject the Chicana of deputy Miguel Cuevas and now the trial can be made

They reject the Chicana of deputy Miguel Cuevas and now the trial can be made

The Court of Appeal made up of Arnulfo Arias, Emiliano Rolón and Arnaldo Fleitas rejected the challenge raised by the defense of deputy Miguel Cuevas against the Sentencing Court and gives free rein to set the start date of the parliamentarian’s trial for illicit enrichment and false statement.

On July 2, when the oral and public trial for Cuevas was about to begin, his lawyer Guillermo Duarte Cacavelos challenged the Sentencing Court made up of Elsa García, Yolanda Morel and Jesús Riera, with the sole intention of continuing to delay the process against his client, who for three years has been presenting incidents to prevent the cause from advancing.

The chamberlains did not accept the arguments presented by the defense of deputy Cuevas and decided to confirm to the Sentencing Court and send the file so that a new date can be set for the trial of this case.

In its accusation, the prosecution maintains that between 2009 and 2019, deputy Miguel Cuevas had income for the sum of G. 5,734,307,036, while his expenses were G. 7,439,622,171. Which reveals that the parliamentarian cannot justify G. 1,705,315,135. In principle, along with Cuevas, his wife Nancy Florentín and his son Enzo Cuevas were charged, but both were later dismissed.

To avoid going to an oral trial, Cuevas has resorted to a number of Chicanas that range from recusals to judges, prosecutors and the Sentencing Court itself, but now he is once again at the gates of the oral trial.

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