They reject the annulment of actions in the Mercat case

The defense of Fernando Silva, is the one that raised the annulment of the interlocutory orders, but the magistrate pointed out that the request was inadmissible, so all the actions that led to the arrest of the band that was led by Walter José Galindo Domínguez were confirmed. (32).

Last March, the Mercat operation was carried out, which aimed to disrupt a gang of drug traffickers led by Galindo, who had a group of law students who sold between 30 and 40 kilos of cocaine every month. The drug came from the departments of Concepción and Amambay.

That drug was distributed among the members of the group that sold it between Asunción and the Central Department. Once all the members were arrested after a follow-up that took months, it became known that a large part of the members were university students.

The entrance They reject the annulment of actions in the Mercat case was first published in diary TODAY.

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