They reinforce security on the roads of Santander for this festive bridge

Taking into account that approximately more than 900,000 vehicles will be mobilized on the roads of Santander during the festive bridge of San Pedro and San Pablo, The department’s transit and transportation authorities reinforce security with checkpoints at different points in the region.

These controls, according to the authorities, are deployed by the main points of the national roads and in the jurisdictions, especially at the entrances and exits of the municipalities where fairs and festivals take place in the department of Santander.

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Lieutenant Colonel Omar Fernando Castillo Castañeda, sectional chief of Transit and Transport Santander, pointed out that, “As a strategy to avoid road accidents, the authorities have deployed all their logistical and human capacity to guarantee mobility, safety and citizen coexistence for all road users during this festive weekend of San Pedro and San Pablo with the strategy “I PROTECT LIFE ON THE ROAD”.

The officer added that, “With this we have different prevention areas located on the main road axes of the department carrying out different controls and awareness activities with all road order to generate culture and good behavior to avoid road accidents”.

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It will also have the support of 300 soldiers from different specialties who were distributed on roads such as Bucaramanga- Bogotá, via Curos- Málaga (García Rovira Province), a road that connects the capital of Santander with the Atlantic Coast and in the road corridor that communicates from Bucaramanga to Cúcuta.

The authorities therefore recommend that drivers obey the traffic signs, do not drive while intoxicated, or under the influence of psychotropic substances, do not exceed the speed limit, and do a mechanical technical review of the vehicle before leaving on a trip.

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