They reinforce plans to optimize public services in the country

With the aim of reinforcing care plans to optimize public services, the Sector Vice President of Public Works and Services, G/J Nestor Reverolheld a working meeting with the ministers of the area and other directors of agencies attached to the government agency he directs, to refine the roadmap and establish an action and care plan throughout the national territory.

During the meeting, an assessment of the 1×10 Good Governance Systema method that has served to comply with the improvement of public services throughout the Venezuelan geography, thanks to the requests made by citizens with the platform ComeApp.

Another of the issues that Reverol Torres analyzed with the work team was the situation of the rainy season in the country, and how these precipitations affect reservoirs and sewage systems.

In addition, the meeting served to discuss the continuity of the Special Strategic Plan for Roads and Bridges, in order to provide support to producers in agricultural areas and promote the social and economic development of the nation. The works to be carried out to replace the La Reina bridge, via Carenero, in Higuerote, Miranda state, were evaluated, given the importance of said road artery in that area of ​​the Barloventeño axis.

At the end of the working day, the General in Chief asserted that “from the Sectoral Vice Presidency of Public Works and Services, there is a commitment to meet the demands of the people of Venezuela under the premise of guaranteeing the population to Live Living.”

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