They recover public spaces on Avenida Brasil, where workshops and motorcycle parts stores make it difficult to walk on the sidewalks

June 7, 2023, 20:26 PM

June 7, 2023, 20:26 PM

A joint operation between the Directorate for the Inspection of Public Spaces of the Santa Cruz Mayor’s Office and the Municipal Guard took place this Wednesday afternoon, in the second ring road and Avenida Brasil, an area where garages and motorcycle parts stores have taken over the sidewalks.

The Municipal Guard contingent assisted in these recovery efforts with helmets, protectors and shields before a possible scenario of confrontation with workers and owners.

Raúl Álvarez, head of the Department of Public Space of the Municipal Government, stated that these stores and workshops are misusing the sidewalks, where citizens can no longer circulate, even more on weekends. Because they are full of vehicles or the workers themselves working, so pedestrians must travel along the avenue, with an obvious danger.

The job was to clear motorcycles off the sidewalks

The municipal operation aimed to clear the sidewalk motorcycles

“They are the ones who are breaching the municipal norm and for that they will be sanctioned. It is a conflictive area because they always want to attack our officials when (they) want to bring order,” said Álvarez.

Testimonies collected by EL DEBER question that these sidewalks and avenues damaged by spilled motor oil and gasoline.

similar situation He is from the Alto San Pedro area. where construction materials leave no room for people to walk on the sidewalks, they even put up no parking signs.

However, there was no reference to areas such as the Mutualista market or the Barrio Lindo Fair, where there are conflicts over merchant settlements in public areas.

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