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March 11, 2023
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They raided the house of Centeno’s friend who would have had the notebooks in his custody

They detected more than 1600 irregularities in Centeno's notebooks

Oscar Centeno, who worked as a driver for Roberto Baratta, former Undersecretary of Coordination of the Ministry of Federal Planning.

Federal justice raided this Friday the house of Jorge José Bacigalupothe man who handed over the notebooks of the driver Oscar Centeno to a journalist so that later they became a legal mega-cause, under the suspicion that it could have been the author of the adulterations in the text detected by an official expert opinionjudicial sources reported.

The order was issued by the federal judge Marcelo Martinez de Giorgi in the case initiated by a presentation by businessman Armando Loson and was executed by the Airport Security Police (PSA) in a building located on Moldes street, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Belgrano.

The main objective of the measure was to obtain “all kinds of annotations, original or copied manuscripts” as well as to seize “electronic devices” such as telephones, cell phones, notebooks, tablets, computers and any other that allows data to be stored, reported the sources consulted. .

Sources of the investigation confirmed that during the operation, manuscripts and diaries (what is known as indubitable material), a tablet and two cell phones could be seized and that the search was witnessed by Bacigalupo himself, who “did not put up any kind of resistance.”

The search was ordered after the judge received the first results of an expert report ordered to try to determine who owned the handwriting of the overwriting detected in Centeno’s notebooks by an official expert report and denounced earlier by the businessman Loson after conducting a search. private expertise of the photocopies of the notebooks.

This measure made it possible to rule out the intervention of Centeno’s ex-wife, Hilda Horovitz, on the manuscripts; but not that of Bacigalupo.

“A possible participation of the named in the alterations and/or modifications of the questioned manuscripts cannot be ruled out, whose suspicion enables us to investigate the collection of other valid evidence for the success of the investigation,” said Martínez de Giorgi when ordering the search.

Expertise and adulteration

The expert study to try to determine whose are the supposedly additional letters that appear in Centeno’s notebooks was carried out by the personnel of the Scopometry Division of the Argentine Federal Police, informed judicial sources who “could not affirm with certainty, nor rule out their intervention.” , summarized judicial sources.

“Although they have been noticed among the indubitable graphics of mr. Jorge José Bacigalupo and the deeds individualized as works of additions and amendments certain similarities of expert relevance, since the genuine patterns do not fully comply with the intrinsically essential requirements for correct and efficient valuation, added to the limitations set forth for the doubtful material provided as support. digital, they are insufficient in quality and quantity to categorically determine whether or not they correspond to the writer’s hand of the named person”, maintained the specialists who intervened in the study, according to what this agency was able to reconstruct.

Bacigalupo is a retired police officer who had in his custody the notebooks whose writing was attributed to the former driver of the Ministry of Planning, Centeno, and he was the one who handed them over to a journalist from the newspaper La Nación who would later take them to federal prosecutor Carlos Stornelli.

In Bacigalupo, the well-known circuit of the notebooks began, which later became a legal case, in charge of Judge Claudio Bonadio, for which dozens of former officials and businessmen were later arrested and for which Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner was prosecuted.

(SL Loswon’s complaint (S) The official expert report that confirmed that in Centeno’s notebooks there were letters from different people – as had been denounced the businessman Loson- was also carried out by Scopometry Division of the Federal Police.It was there that it was possible to corroborate that the overwritings and amendments “discreate widely the characteristics of the form and formation with respect to the remaining manuscript productions, both groups coming from different authoring hands”, according to sources with access to the investigation reported last October consulted by this agency.They are, prosecuted in the case of the notebooks, he had filed the complaint after establishing that in Centeno’s notebooks there were erasures, amendments, overwriting and other irregularities that tended to involve him in situations in which he had not participated.“I noticed that in the so-called ‘photocopies of the notebooks’ (actually they are digitized copies), ‘true facts’ had been used as a basis (some few deliveries of money for political campaigns, 3 or 4 deliveries at most), but then others were misrepresented and invented,” the businessman had stated in his complaint.And he explained: “Absolutely false events, dates, figures in foreign currency were invented, factual circumstances, names, etc. were modified; and I humbly understand that all of this clearly exceeds the unipersonal performance of a person.”Loson, who was president of the Albanesi firm for 42 years, testified as an accused collaborator in the cause of the notebooks and always said that the deliveries of money he made were from his estate – and not from that of the company he headed – and for electoral campaigns. .With the progress of this case, Loson had claimed the annulment of the accusation against him in the cause of the notebooks but that motion was rejected by Judge Julián Ercolini and then by the Buenos Aires Federal Chamber, after which his case went to oral trial.

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