They question US demands in Paraguayan laws

They question US demands in Paraguayan laws

The US Embassy in Paraguay warned the Senate that if the law on shooting down planes is approved, North American cooperation in aeronautical matters will cease. Senators questioned the crude US demand.

US representatives requested a meeting on Monday with members of the Board of Directors and the leaders of each Senate caucus. The debate in question was centered on the bill for shooting down planes.

These proposed a modification on a particular point, corresponding to the possibility of shooting down an airplane; They affirmed that they agreed with the Deputies’ project, in which the steps related to trying to establish communication with the unidentified planes are discussed, but not in order to shoot them down.

In this regard, the senator for the Progressive Democratic Party (PDP), Desirée Masi, highlighted that she had a discussion with the US representatives. in the Senate on the project that enables the possibility of shooting down planes, drug planes, once exhausted the protocol of warnings, signals, escort, etc.

Desiree Masi

“We can discuss United Nations conventions, Chicago treaty, amendment to the treaty and improve projects, but I do not accept that foreign officials and whoever condition or threaten to cut off cooperation to the Republic of Paraguay, if we approve this or that text and make exceptions with others”, said the parliamentarian.

That came as officials said the US had threatened to withdraw cooperation in the aviation sector if the Senate approved its version of the bill enabling the shooting down of planes.

“I did not think it was important to report because the debate has just begun in our chamber, but as other senators present commented to the media, I do the same. The debates are welcome, but the conditions to a power of the State, I don’t think so”, asserted the senator.

The parliamentarian reiterated that she is not unaware of the conventions signed and ratified by Paraguay on civil aviation, the Chicago Convention of 1944 and the amendment of article 3 of the Chicago Convention in 1974 within them. However, she declared that the pertinent commissions are going to call the interested parties and connoisseurs to debate, but WITHOUT conditions.

For his part, the senator for the Guasu Front, Jorge Querey, told 1080 AM that the diplomats took a firm stand against the law on shooting down planes. The parliamentarian expressed that it caught his attention, because Rachel Kutzley, US business and political counselor, was very blunt in stating that if this is included in the law, the North American country could not continue to support cooperation for the aeronautical area. .

Querey recalled that there are two bills in progress on how to manage airspace sovereignty. «It is a subject to debate, it is a delicate subject, it is not easy. The only thing that caught our attention is the way, a very rude way. I hope this is not their permanent attitude because we have common agendas regarding money laundering and drug trafficking,” said the legislator.

He also said that they argue their position with international treaties and also raise aspects of Human Rights, in the sense that the shooting down of a plane means the summary death sentence of the people who are on board that plane. It is pertinent to remember that diplomatic rules and policies cannot issue an agenda within the Legislative Branch.

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The entrance They question US demands in Paraguayan laws was first published in The Independent.

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