They put the priests of Matagalpa on political trial and accept their trusted lawyers

They put the priests of Matagalpa on political trial and accept their trusted lawyers

This Friday, October 7, the second audience of the five priests, two seminarians and a layman of the Diocese of Matagalpa who were kidnapped at dawn on August 19 from the diocesan headquarters in that department. The regime’s justice accuses them of the alleged crimes of conspiracy to undermine national integrity and propagation of false news through information technologies to the detriment of the Nicaraguan State and Nicaraguan society.

The accusation was presented since last September 22, but the nature of the crime they were awarded was unknown. It was not until October 4 that the judicial file was posted on the Sistema Nicario, a portal of the Judicial Power where jurists can consult criminal proceedings.

“At 10:00 am today, the second hearing of the priests who were kidnapped in the Curia of Matagalpa will take place. Act in which the evidence that will be exposed in court will be proposed. Yesterday the judge admitted the appointment of all the trusted defenses,” the lawyer and former official of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) Yader Morazán reported on his Twitter account.

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Those prosecuted by the Ortega regime are the first and second vicar of the Cathedral of San Pedro, in Matagalpa, José Luis Díaz and Sadiel Eugarrios, respectively; as well as the priests Ramiro Tijerino—rector of the Juan Pablo II University—and Father Raúl Vega González.

Seminarians Darvin Leiva and Melkin Centeno Sequeira face the same charges, as does cameraman Sergio Cárdenas, who remained with Monsignor Álvarez at the episcopal see since August 4.

The accusation was exposed in a “clandestine” hearing in the auditorium of the Judicial Complex of Managua by the prosecutor Manuel de Jesús Rugama Peña, who, according to Morazán, asked the judge to declare his competence to hear said case, after having subtracted them. of the natural judge that corresponded to them in the city of Matagalpa.

In addition, he pointed out that Rugama Peña suggested that errors in the accusation be corrected and that the processing be declared complex, because he stated that the Police continued to investigate, “as if that were not the nature of the special hearing to expand the Investigation that they had held. on August 22.”

The Nicaraguan dictatorship has been merciless against the Catholic Church whom it has branded as “diabolical” and “traitors”. Little by little, Ortega has been adding to the list of imprisoned priests, so far there are more than ten religious who are being part of legal proceedings against him and two have already been convicted. As for Monsignor Álvarez, he has not been charged and it is unknown where he is being held.

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