They publish a book that collects the stories of pioneering professionals in Peruvian mining

They publish a book that collects the stories of pioneering professionals in Peruvian mining

“In these times of polarization and conflict, when discouragement appears and grows in many, it is worth looking to the past and seeking inspiration in the stories of the pioneers that we highlight here.” With this reflection in its introduction, the book was presented at the Institute of Mining Engineers of Peru (IIMP). which compiles in text, and through historical photographic material, the experiences of Peruvian professionals who forged the foundations of an industry that today is a management model throughout the world.

The book, developed by the writer Mario Sifuentes, commissioned by the IIMP, collects episodes from the 19th and 20th centuries. Among these, the story of the businessman Eulogio Fernandini de la Quintana stands out and the boom that his professionalism and vision gave to the Colquijirca mine, in Cerro de Pasco, recognized worldwide as the new Potosí. In addition, the history of the Cerro de Pasco Corporation is reviewed, the so-called miners’ school in Peru, which promoted the technification of Peruvian mining and was consolidated as “the mining complex that invested the most, the one that paid the most and the that generated the most work, throughout its seven decades in our territory”, explained the president of the IIMP, Ing. Abraham Chahuan, in his presentation.

The book also highlights five transcendental ventures that have been the basis of the mining boom of the current millennium, as well as the experience of their respective leaders. It includes the journeys of Jesús Árias Dávila, architect of the San Ignacio de Morococha mine and founder of the Poderosa gold mine; and Alberto Benavides de la Quintana, a symbol of Peruvian mining and founder of Compañía de Minas Buenaventura.

Similarly, the legacy of the Baertl family stands out, promoters of various mining projects such as the Pacococha Mining Union, Chapi Copper Mines, Arcata Mines, Cobre Acarí, Sayapullo Mining and, its most emblematic work, the Milpo mining company (today Nexa Resources).

They publish a book that collects the stories of pioneering professionals in Peruvian mining

It also includes a review of the professional life of Ing. David Ballón, former president of the IIMP between 1990 and 1992, and martyr of Peruvian mining who died a victim of terrorism during the exercise of his activities. Likewise, some pages are included that allude to Carlos Ferreyros Ribeyro, founder of the Ferreyros Group, which is one of the organizations that promotes technological development and the application of state-of-the-art machinery in Peruvian mining.

“This material highlights our extensive mining tradition and highlights the hard work that for more than a century has set a precedent for the modern and sustainable industry that we have today, and that benefits the country through the generation of sustainable development, closure of gaps, generation of employment, among others”, said the president of PERUMIN 35, Claudia Cooper, who participated in the presentation of this material together with relatives of the so-called Pioneers of Peruvian mining. Among them, Ing. Augusto Augusto Baertl, former president of the IIMP; Ing. Roque Benavides, current president of Buenaventura; and Jimena Sologuren, director of the IIMP.


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