They prosecute those responsible for the massacre of five young people in Buga

They prosecute those responsible for the massacre of five young people in Buga

More than a year after the massacre of five young people, on a farm located in the Cerro Rico village of the Chambimbal district, 30 minutes from Buga in the department of Valle del Cauca, The Attorney General’s Office managed to clarify the facts.

According to the investigating entity, on the morning of January 24, 2021, Diego Fernando Rivas Zuleta, alias ‘Simón’ and Jhon Jaime Ramírez, alias ‘JJ’, They clandestinely entered the property, and carrying firearms, left the young people defenseless, including two minors.

The evidentiary material revealed that the perpetrators arrived at the pool and jacuzzi area where the young people were chatting and, after intimidating them with firearms, they proceeded to shoot them repeatedly, killing five of them and leaving two more wounded.

According to the Delegate for Territorial Security, Luisa Fernanda Obando Guerrero, the defendants had been part of the Residual Organized Armed Group (Gaor) Adán Izquierdo of the Farc dissidents.

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“The evidence material collected showed that the defendants had been part of the Adán Izquierdo dissidence and had participated in the death of five people, leaving two more injured,” said the delegate.

The Attorney General’s Office charged the men with alleged crimes of aggravated homicide in concurrence with attempted aggravated homicide; manufacture, possession or carrying of firearms or aggravated ammunition.

It should be noted that the delegate for Territorial Security emphasized that the two men must continue to be deprived of liberty, in the respective prisons, where they are being held as responsible for illegally carrying weapons for the exclusive use of the Armed Forces.

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It should be noted that on the day of the massacre, the National Police was informed an hour after what had happened and, due to the seriousness of the events, this case was prioritized by the Attorney General of the Nation, Francisco Barbosa Delgado.

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