They promote a campaign to help affected families in Chaco

They promote a campaign to help affected families in Chaco

The Chaco-based civil society organization, Pro Comunidades Indígenas (PCI), (PCI), is promoting a solidarity campaign to help peasant and indigenous communities in the district of Camerlo Peralta (Alto Paraguay), who are affected by the floods.

A few weeks ago, the rains have seriously affected the north of the chaco. The Paraguay River is rising and displacing riverside families dand Isla Margarita, Nueva Esperanza and Puerto Sastre. Many communities settled in the area are being cut off and their homes are flooded.

And what affects these close families affects us. For this reason, the organization is initiating a Solidarity Campaign to channel help to these communities. The actions will be articulated with the SEN, with the Ministry of Health, which is already mobilized, with the Municipality of Carmelo Peralta and with the local Parish with whom we work continuously.

What do families need?

The referents of the peasant and indigenous communities identify as a priority:

Non-perishable food for displaced families (rice, noodles, sugar, oil, grass and salt, preferably).

Sheet metal, wood and tools to build the provisional settlements.

Fuel to carry out transfers, pumping and others.

How to help?

With cash donations to one of the following accounts:

Ferheim Cooperative: Pro Indigenous Communities. Account No. 52316-17. Ruc: 80015436-3.

Bancop: Pro Indigenous Communities. Account No. 000410240303. Ruc: 80015436-3.

With the donation in kind, contacting +595 984 196011 by call or WhatsApp.

Related note: In the event of floods, they issue recommendations to avoid potential risks


Currently the level of the river is at 5.55 meters, they estimate that it will rise to 6.50 meters. flooding homes and agricultural production areas.

In Puerto Sastre, 43 families directly affected and more than 200 families isolated by land.

On Isla Margarita, 10 families of small producers who lose all their production due to the flood and more than 150 families who will have to leave the Island due to the flood;

In the Ayoreo communities, especially Puerto Esperanza, 25 families are isolated.

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