Presentan a María Teresa Cabrera como candidata presidencial

They present María Teresa Cabrera as presidential candidate

Santo Domingo-. The Civic Congress chose this Sunday as its presidential candidate Professor María Teresa Cabrera, in a Civic Citizen convention where she was proclaimed and proposed to society.

Rafael Chaljub Mejía, spokesman for the entity, indicated that this proposal is expected to respond to the demands of sectors of society, “who aspire to see fresh figures on the political and electoral scene, with innovative approaches and concepts, positively different from those that for entire decades they have dominated national life and kept the country in the old molds of economic backwardness, social injustice and institutional bankruptcy.

Chaljub Mejía assured that María Teresa Cabrera has the attributes and conditions to deserve the support of those who aspire to these transformations and to see crystallized the ideals of all those who, throughout history, have fought and continue to fight today for a sovereign, democratic, progressive and morally healthy Republic.

Likewise, Haffe Serulle indicated that the conditions of the union leader confirm her human formation, her career as an education professional, her struggles for the demands of teachers, as well as her outstanding participation in the Green March, from which she was one of the voices that with greater energy and summons.

The leaders of the entity assured that these and other proofs of her constant service to good national causes, María Teresa Cabrera is qualified to be presented to the country as an electoral option and the Convention of the Civic Congress proclaims her as a candidate for the presidency.

The activity took place at the Crown Plaza hotel, formerly the V Centenario, where hundreds of citizens gathered.

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