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They present advances of the new US Embassy: “A significant symbol”

The United States ambassador, Marc Ostfield, officially appeared before the Paraguayan people at the same time as showing the progress of the construction of the new diplomatic headquarters of the North American country in Asunción.

“It is with great enthusiasm that I introduce myself and greet you for the first time from my Twitter account and from our new building! A strong symbol of the strength of the relationship between the US and Paraguay. I invite you to see the progress in the construction of The New Embassy”, Ambassador Marc Ostfield wrote on his Twitter account.

He attached a video in which the progress of the construction of the new building of the Embassy of the United States in Paraguay can be seen. He indicated that they plan to make the move by the end of the year.

The ambassador added that the building represents a “significant symbol of the great commitment of the United States in the future of the relationship with Paraguay.”

He also mentioned that the building fuses the art and culture of both countries and the main objective was to respect the environment and protect nature.

On the other hand, the ambassador mentioned that his visit to Paraguay is to work on the “fight against corruption, make the country safer and promote mutual and inclusive economic prosperity.”

In turn, he thanked the “warm welcome” he received from the Paraguayan people, both to him and to his husband, Michael Smith.

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