They present a recreational agenda to celebrate Children’s Day in Caracas

The Government of Caracas, together with the mayor’s office of the Libertador municipality, presented the agenda of the recreational activities that will be carried out for the celebration of Children’s Day, in the capital city, where children, in the company of their families, will be able to enjoy plays, and sports and musical culture, for the entertainment of infants.

The information was released through the social network Twitter @GDCEsPueblo. This Friday the 14th, the play Mario Bros will be presented at the Casa de las Primeras Letras; The day continues on Saturday, with the Recreational Shooting that will take place in the Plaza Monumento Bicentenario.

The events continue on Saturday, with the Mega Toma Recreativa, in Plaza Bolívar; Likewise, there will be a cultural event with the outstanding Nifu Nifa clowns, while great surprises for children are planned in the Arístides Rojas park.

The musical and recreational events on Sunday will take place in the following spaces: Mirador Boyacá, Plaza Monumento Bicentenario, Plaza Caracas, and Paseo Los Próceres.

They present a recreational agenda to celebrate Children's Day in Caracas

In another activity, the mayoress of Caracas, Carmen Melendezdelivered piñatas with toys, sweets and joy to each community of the parishes, which arrived in the “TransCaracas” transport units, for the celebration of the Day of the Boy and the Girl.



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