They present a motion of censure against Willy Huerta

They present a motion of censure against Willy Huerta

Congressmen from the Fuerza Popular, Popular Renovation, Avanza País, Acción Popular, APP, Somos Perú and Integrity and Development groups joined the initiative.

If these groups vote as a block, they would comfortably exceed the 66 votes required to approve Huerta’s dismissal for his “manifest moral incapacity and lack of suitability for the exercise of office.” He would be the seventh head of the Ministry of the Interior to fall in 14 months of Government.

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The motion considers the constant and irregular changes in the high command of the National Police, as well as the unstable situation of Harvey Colchado, head of the PNP special team that provides support to the anti-corruption prosecutors led by Marita Barreto.

In this sense, it is indicated that Huerta’s departure is justified in “avoiding the continuation of similar acts that affect the institutionality of the National Police, and presumably endorse an interference in the investigations of autonomous bodies regarding the disciplinary process initiated against Colonel PNP, Harvey Colchado.

According to the Regulations of the Congress, the motion is debated and voted on between the fourth and the tenth calendar day after its presentation.


Under the direction of Lady Camones (APP), yesterday the Subcommittee on Constitutional Accusations was installed, its 2022-2023 work plan was approved and the status of 11 constitutional complaints was reported, including the case of Congressman Freddy Díaz, the president Pedro Castillo, Vice President Dina Boluarte, AP’s ‘Los Ninos’, and others.

Likewise, it was determined that the ordinary sessions will be on Fridays at 11 am, and the extraordinary sessions when necessary.


  • Willy Huerta answered 12 questions during his questioning before the Plenary, after which there was a three-hour debate in which different groups asked for his resignation.
  • The Government has made 70 changes in the Cabinet and seven in the Mininter.


In Pedro Castillo’s first year, the economy was the sector most affected by the government’s erratic policies and messages. For analysts, the government’s mistakes will end up affecting the lives of all citizens.

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