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They preclude the case of Freddy Rincón, who died after a traffic accident in Cali: “Impossibility of continuing the criminal exercise”

Former soccer player Freddy Rincón died after three days hospitalized.

Given that Freddy Rincón died after three days hospitalized in April 2022, after an accident on 5th Street, “according to what is established” in the Penal Code, “the exercise of criminal action will not be continued.”

Cali News.

Almost 15 days after his death in April 2022, Legal Medicine confirmed that the person who was driving the truck was former soccer player Freddy Rincón, who after three days hospitalized, died at the Imbanaco Clinic, this September 19 it was confirmed that the investigation was terminated for wrongful injuries and wrongful death that the Attorney General’s Office was carrying out.

The only fatality was the former soccer player himself, his injured family members did not file complaints or charges, and the driver of the injured MIO was treated.

The road accident was on Monday, April 11, at dawn on Calle 5 with 34. The truck ran the red light and collided with a feeder.

confusing statements

Initially, it was known that in the first statements to the authorities, witnesses would have said that the person who was driving had left the place.

A video from a security camera did show two people getting out of the truck and getting into a taxi.

RCN news interviewed at that time to one of the paramedics who treated the former Colombian national team player and international soccer figure. They did not know who he was, but those who were in the truck said: “Get Freddy Rincón out.”

For 10 minutes they extracted Rincónthey had to do it between seven people.

He explained that the bags (airbag) and the seat belt were damaged, “by the blow.” “I don’t think that at that time they placed him like that, because of how he was and since he was very big,” he replied to the journalist Ingrid Johana Tovar, out of doubt as to whether Rincón was driving or not.

He assured that he did not smell the ex-footballer’s liquor.

By the time the ambulances arrived, he already had closed chest trauma, head trauma, that is, he was serious.

homicide investigation

The investigation by the Prosecutor’s Office was due to a “complaint filed due to a traffic accident” in the vehicle with license plates UGR410 in which Mr. Freddy Eusebio Rincón Valencia, María Manuela Mejía Patiño, Diana Lorena Cortes Delgado were traveling.

The feeder-type Public Transport vehicle of the Western Integrated Massive (MIO), with VCS364 license plates, was driven by Jorge Eduardo Muñoz Beltrán.

Beltrán was injured, one of them a fracture.

On April 14, “the Imbanaco Medical Center Clinic reported that Mr. Freddy Eusebio Rincón Valencia had died.”

For the investigation into what happened and given the confusing versions of witnesses, the Prosecutor’s Office collected:

– Traffic report
– Inspection at the scene of the events
– Vehicle inspections
– Clinical History of Freddy Rincón
– Imbanaco Clinic Report on the Death of Mr. Rincón Valencia
– Expert necropsy report
– INMLCF expert report
– Declared jurisdictions
– Expert report of reconstruction of the facts
– Sequence of videos (Relevant information)
– Photographs (139)

“The conduct of crimes against life and personal integrity of our penal sanctioning norm” was investigated.

In this case, there was guilt in not being careful and preventing the fact.

MIO feeder bus accident Freddy Rincón
The driver of the MIO feeder bus suffered a broken leg and effects from the impact on his entire body, in Cali.

“The injuries found on the body of Freddy Rincón are in accordance with the kinematics of the accident and according to the synchronization of the traffic light systems, affidavits and videos collected at the scene of the accident,” indicates the report released on September 19 .

The recklessness “is in the head of Mr. Rincón Valencia.”

However, despite what was found, the Prosecutor’s Office asked to preclude the case because the defendant died.

In this case, this makes it impossible “to continue the exercise of criminal action, in harmony with the grounds of Art 77 ibidem and Art 82 Num 1”, said request was accepted by the 9th Criminal Judge of the Cali Circuit, «whose execution materialized in stands today».

Legal medicine, explanation of the forensic report

Forensic Medicine reported that due to biodynamics, bodily injuries, sinetics before knowing the Prosecutor’s report, they already knew who the person who would be driving could be.

Rincón, over 80 kilos and 1.90, if he had been a front passenger, he would have injuries on his right side, “but he didn’t.”

Upon reviewing the body at necropsy, it was determined that there was no severe trauma to the right side; nor fracture “was never put in a cast, nor managed by orthopedics, no surgical approach was made for a tocoabdominal wound,” explained Dr. Jorge Eduardo Paredes, forensic doctor.

“All the organs of the thorax and abdomen were in good condition,” he said.

He explained the acceleration and deceleration at the moment of the accident and the impact of the blow, displacement of the vehicle and the movement of the body inside the vehicle.

Freddy Rincón would not go with his seat belt on.

He pointed out that this impact could generate severe trauma that led to hemorrhage. “Because the rotational movements (what happened in the car) make the brain not rotate everything at the same speed and fibers break.” He did not suffer a skull fracture.

For this reason, he lost consciousness and this type of injury can lead “to not recovering it.”

That is, the fatal trauma was in the movement of the head. She had a bump on her lip and sides.

Rincón’s injuries were different from those of the woman who was identified as the co-pilot.

“She survived (she was unconscious) because she had a well-positioned seat belt, she is a thin person” and this allowed her to move more easily when the passenger door was hit.

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