They poison several dogs in the UASD

They poison several dogs in the UASD

The Faculty of Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), condemned the death of several dogs due to possible poisoning both in the vicinity and inside the headquarters of the university campus.

“The Autonomous University of Santo Domingo, through its Faculty of Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences (FCAV-UASD), expresses its dismay at the death due to possible poisoning of canines (dogs) within and in the vicinity of our academy, an act that energetically We reject it as constituting a violation of Law No. 248-12 on Animal Protection and Responsible Ownership”, indicated through a press document.

The information released by the university studies center highlights that the pest control program implemented periodically in the different facilities of the UASD is carried out with strict control and surveillance with the professionals of the FCAV-UASD to guarantee faithful compliance with the regulations that regulate the correct use of pesticides, such as Law No. 311-68 to avoid harming humans or dogs.

The primate University of America stated that in the particular case of rodent control, safety feeder boxes are used to avoid exposure of the rodenticide to humans and dogs that frequent the areas under treatment.

The UASD He maintained that with regard to the care of the dogs that spent the night in and around the academy, the Faculty of Agronomic and Veterinary Sciences periodically carries out castration and vaccination days; work that is not exclusive to the headquarters, but extends to other communities in the country, with emphasis on the environments of the FCAV-UASD Engombe, where the Veterinary Clinical Teaching Hospital is located.

“The dogs of the UASD enjoy special care through their employees and students who provide them with food”, establishes the statement.

USAD assured that the Department of Security is the instance that has suffered the most from the loss of dogs, since these animals have been companions of the servers in their work to monitor the facilities inside the academy and its surroundings.

Indeed, security employees have expressed their regret for what happened, particularly the loss of one of the dogs identified as Cacón, who had won everyone’s affection with his affability and vigilant alertness and who was recently found lifeless.

“We will continue with the care of the dogs of the UASD and its environment, as it has always been a clear responsibility of our Faculty of Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences and the UASD”, raised the academic unit.

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