They point to a member of the Police as the person responsible for supplying the gas grenade in Potosí

They point to a member of the Police as the person responsible for supplying the gas grenade in Potosí

The student leader and main suspect in the attack on the Tomás Frías Autonomous University (UATF), Mauricio Quintanilla, he would have acquired the tear gas grenade from a person known as ‘El Púas’. The person involved would be a member of the Bolivian Police.

“The investigation will surely reveal who this person is. The only thing they have said (at the hearing) is that (who supplied the grenade) was a police officer. It is someone who has a relationship with the Police“, indicated to EL DEBER the defense delegate of Potosí, Vilma Martínez, who participated in the hearing of precautionary measures.

In response to press inquiries about “El Púas”‘s relationship with the Police, the Minister of Government, Eduardo del Castillo, said that the investigations in the Imperial Villa continue and he is waiting for an official report from the Commander General of the Police, Jhonny Aguilera.

During investigations it was revealed that the artifact’s serial number had been “sanded” therefore it was not possible to determine whether he belonged to the Army or the Police.

On May 11, the authorities found a lead Suzuki vehicle owned by Ariel Quispe, 40, which would have been used on May 8 to “conspire” the attack.

We have found the Suzuki brand lead vehicle in which these individuals would have previously met and that undoubtedly, we call, is the time and place where they conspired”, detailed the authority.

Milton Fuentes Apaza (35), Juan Quispe Guzmán (40), Manfred Flores Canaza (25) and Mauricio Quintanilla Rojas (26) They were detained preventively for the crimes of homicide, serious and minor injuries, illegal possession and carrying or carrying, and illegal arms trafficking..

The defendants are linked to the attack with a gas grenade in the student assembly held on Monday and where four university students died during the stampede that occurred due to the explosion of a triple action gas grenade.

There are still 12 victims hospitalized, two are in serious condition and will undergo operations.

They presume that the main reasons were to make the assembly fail and thus avoid the renewal of the Local University Federation (FUL) of Potosí, consequently delaying the Congress of Universities.

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