They ordered technical intervention for Poliguárico

They ordered technical intervention for Poliguárico

The Ministry of the Interior, Justice and Peace approved a resolution through which it issued technical assistance measures to the Guárico state police.

The resolution was signed by the Minister of the Interior, Remigio Ceballos, and published in the Official Gazette No. 42,350. There it is explained that the technical assistance applied to the Guariqueño security body has the purpose of “adjusting police performance to the standards established in the laws, regulations and resolutions that the ministry has issued for such purposes.”

The technical assistance programs will be applied in the areas of personnel, logistical resources, weapons park, automobile park, internal control body and police services, as stated in the resolution.

The document specifies that the Guárico state police must have the necessary conditions for the proper performance of their duties.

The measure will last 30 business days for the Vice Ministry of the Integrated Police System to execute the programs.

Two weeks ago, the division general of the Bolivarian National Guard, Luiger Ugas, took over as the new director of Poliguárico, replacing the general of that military component, Miguel Ángel Urrieta.

Poliguárico has approximately 2,000 soldiers, of which 700 are allegedly not active for various reasons, including desertion, said a source from the agency.

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