Beware of masks and other elements that children will use in their costumes for Halloween

They order to withdraw from the market several costumes for children for being dangerous

This October 31 will be celebrated Halloweena party in which, as usual, children, and even some adults, they take to the streets trick-or-treating wearing flashy costumes for the occasion.

However, the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce ordered the withdrawal of thirteen costume modelssince, as indicated by the entity, these pose a risk to the safety of childrenso these may not be for sale.

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One of the arguments that the SIC has in this regard is that these disguises can cause suffocationsince the masks are made of a rigid material or they don’t have big enough holeswhich can make it difficult for children to see and breathe.

That is why it ordered that “manufacturing, importing, distribution, marketing, offering and any provision made to the consumer” be suspended.

What are those references?

The costume references indicated by the Superintendency are manufactured by Industrias DT SAS and MORAI SAS The suits that were ordered for retirement are four Super Ninja, one Knight Gamer Sku, four Skull Gamer, and four Subzero Sku. References are described below:

  • D-062 SUPER NINJA 6 SKU 710101
  • D-062 SUPER NINJA 8 SKU 710102
  • D-062 SUPER NINJA 10 SKU 710103
  • D-062 SUPER NINJA 12 SKU 710104
  • 1759- CABELLERO GAMER SKU 4083625
  • 1760. SKULL GAMER 12 SKU 4083625
  • 1760. SKULL GAMER 10 SKU 4083631
  • 1760. SKULL GAMER 14 SKU 4083633
  • 1760. SKULL GAMER 16 SKU 4083635
  • MKT-0001 SUBZERO 6 SKU 40209212
  • MKT-0001 SUBZERO 8 SKU 19060596
  • MKT-0001 SUBZERO 10 SKU 19060597
  • MKT-0001 SUBZERO 12 SKU 19060598

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On the other hand, the Superintendency invites the people who acquired these costumes suspend the use of the same and also request the return of the money regardless of the date of purchase. Regarding the references, the first nine are from Industrias DT SAS and the remaining four were manufactured by MORAI SAS

It is important to point out that the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce provides recommendations so that consumers can buy Halloween products that they are safe for this special celebration for children.

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