They offer a salary of $240 million a year to live on an island

They offer a salary of $240 million a year to live on an island

Tired of the hectic life of the city? Of the endless traffic jams? Are you looking to undertake new adventures? Then perhaps this information interests you.

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The New Zealand Department of Conservation has opened a call for jobs for a “biodiversity supervisor” to be in charge of the care of Mount Aspiring National Park, in the South Island of New Zealand.

“The work is designed to develop in one of the most amazing natural environments that the country has to offer”told Wayne Costello, operations manager of the New Zealand institution in charge of biodiversity conservation, in dialogue with the magazine ‘Stuff’.

From boat rides to helicopter rides, general travel discounts and treks through lush tropical forests, glaciers and mountains, the experience can be irresistible for any citizen who not only wants to embark on this outdoor adventure, but have practical field and mountain experience, strong navigation skills such as map reading and GPS, and knowledge of environmental conservation.

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Among other things, the biodiversity supervisor will have to “provide leadership and guidance to a team of rangers, who work to protect the Haast tokoeka kiwi and other vulnerable or endangered species, in New Zealand,” according to the official page. of the Department of Conservation.

In other words, among its functions will be the adaptive management of the Haast tokoeka kiwi -one of the rarest animals in New Zealand-, the protection of the Mohoua -an endemic bird of the South Island-, sea ​​lion monitoring, lizard surveys and landscape-scale predator control.

Although the functions of the position are tempting, what is even more striking is the juicy remuneration of the job: between 40 and 50 thousand dollars -equivalent to almost 250 million Colombian pesos- could be taken annually by the person who manages to take over the incredible position. in the New Zealand country.

Behind the countless advantages offered by this majestic national biodiversity reserve, there are also some disadvantages, especially those associated with the location of the place.

For example, the nearest supermarket is two hours away; while the hospital is a four hour drive to Greymouth. If to these factors is added the fact that cell phones are somewhat irregular, although they exist, this job becomes the dream of environmentalists and the nightmare of dedicated city dwellers.

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“It is simply spectacular. But it is not for everyone. You would have to be self-sufficient and be able to work outdoors. If you are interested in opera and theater, it is probably not for you”Costello added to the aforementioned magazine.

According to the New Zealand Department of Conservation, applications for the position will be open until November 1.

It is enough to send a resume and a personalized cover letter in which the relevant skills, experience and alignment with the organizational policies of the applicant are highlighted to be part of this call that some would describe as a dream.

In addition to having a valid work visa that covers the entire period of employment, applicants will need to have leadership skills, previous biodiversity experience, excellent interpersonal and communication skills, knowledge of data analysis and report writing, fitness level, kiwifruit handling accreditations and, of course, the ability to live and work in a small, remote community.

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