They observe that 11 of the 16 qualified Ombudsman candidates do not meet the requirements

They observe that 11 of the 16 qualified Ombudsman candidates do not meet the requirements

The Citizen Observation of Democracy Alliance (OCD), made up of 21 civil society organizations, presented its preliminary report on the selection of candidates for Ombudsman. According to that report, 11 of the candidates who will go to the interview phase do not meet the requirements and even so they were qualified for the next stage.

“Despite what is stated in the regulation – requirement 18 – eight qualified applicants to the interview stage have information in their resumes that indicates that they are or have been public officials in the last 8 years: Pedro Callizaya Aro, Ramiro Leonardo Iquise Pally, Jafeth Esteban Mamani Yanarico, Porfirio Machado Guisbert, Rubén Julio Estrada Candia, Claudia Andrea Calvo Campos, Wilber Choque Cruz and Marcelino Marco Antonio Lucero León”, indicates a part of the preliminary report presented by this entity of citizen surveillance.

Later they assure that there are others three qualified applicants for this stage who are related to trade union organizations, Despite the prohibition indicated in requirement 16, the candidates are: Rimmy Calle Choquecallata, Lydia Apaza Quispe and Juan Patricio Quispe Mamani.

On Thursday, senators and deputies of the Mixed Constitutional Commission completed the review phase of compliance with requirements and qualified 16 applicants who will be interviewed and answer questions from this Saturday. Which means that only five of the qualified applicants have no observations.

Those responsible for OCD published their impressions for each day that the ‘monitors’ (people in charge of monitoring) attended the public sessions, the same ones that reveal the failures passed by the legislators until now.

The monitors reported every day what was happening. Your report indicates that each resume took 15 to 20 minutes to reviewwhile those who had few documents in 5 minutes were completed with the verification.

The preliminary report states that complaints about the process are known through the media. As part of its transparency, the Joint Commission should make public the complaints filed against the applicants disqualified from the knowledge of the citizenship, something that was dealt with superficially.

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