They murder a Venezuelan in the city of Arica in Chile

They murder a Venezuelan in the city of Arica in Chile

The Chilean police seek to clarify the death of a 30-year-old Venezuelan woman, who was murdered this weekend in the city of Arica in Chili.

Report of local media report that the detectives of the Homicide Brigade (BH) Arica and the regional Criminalistics Laboratory (Lacrim) traveled by instruction of the jurisdiction’s Prosecutor’s Office to the intersection of Leonel Balcarce and Sergio Flores streets in the commune to investigate the homicide of a woman.

According to information provided by the prosecutor on duty, it was residents of the sector who heard several shots, after 1 in the morning.

Before that the same neighbors came to their aid and called the emergency teams.

The criminal medical examination determined that the victim had five bullet wounds, in different areas of his body, and through the work of the fingerprint expert, his identity could be established.

After paramedical personnel arrived at the scene, the death of the Venezuelan woman was confirmed.

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