They make effective apprehension of a man who turned himself in for apology of the crime, will be transferred to Chiriquí

After a man, linked to the events recorded last night in the province of Chiriquí where the trucks of the humanitarian food caravan were prevented from passing, the attorney of the Nation Javier Caraballo reported that this person was transferred to the prosecutor’s office of Chiriqui.

The arrest for the crime of apology of the crime became effective, Caraballo explained, detailing that the criminal conduct of apology of the crime has to do with inciting people to commit criminal behavior.

“We give a clear message to the community in all these cases where we have evidence that determines that third parties are taking advantage of the protests to commit criminal conduct, by legal mandate we are going to initiate investigations, file charges, and make these people be accountable to the authority,” he said, noting that the person is already being transferred to Chiriquí so that the corresponding charges can be brought against him.

He reiterated that those who committed the crime of apology had nothing to do with the protests carried out by indigenous groups and other demonstrators. “It is important for the Public Ministry to make it clear that this arrest warrant does not respond to the people who were carrying out the protests, but to those citizens who, taking advantage of these protests, carried out these criminal behaviors,” he pointed out.

For his part, Manuel Murillo, who turned himself in, accused of impeding the passage of trucks, alleged that he He arrived “in Viguí only two days ago, this is more than three weeks old. These closures, which truckers started… Haven’t they also caused the limitation of traffic?”, he questioned.

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