They link "El Duranguillo" and accomplices to the process

They link “El Duranguillo” and accomplices to the process

The Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) reported that a federal judge linked Francisco Torres Carranza “El Duranguillo”, “El Delta” or “El Flaco”, leader of organized crime in Altar, Sonora, as well as his collaborators Juan Carlos Sánchez Chávez, Jesús Artemio Espinosa Martínez and Ausencio Aboytes González.

Through its Delegation in Sonora, the FGR obtained link to the process against these four people for their probable responsibility in the crimes of organized crime, collection of firearms for the exclusive use of the Army, Navy and Air Force, possession of cartridges and of chargers also for exclusive use, aggravating gang, homicide qualified with treachery, attempted homicide and bribery.

According to the investigation folder, elements of the Secretary of National Defense (Sedena)with the support of the National Guard (GN) and the State Public Security Police of Sonora, detained the four people on July 2 in the vicinity of the road to Sáric, at the intersection with Boulevard Ignacio Pesqueira, in Altar, and they were They seized various large-caliber assault weapons, magazines, cartridges, various tactical equipment and vehicles.

The foregoing after said individuals began an armed attack against elements of the federal forces.

The Public Ministry of the Federation presented the test data to the Control Judge of the Federal Criminal Justice Center in Sonora, who described the arrests as legal and linked the accused to trial; It also imposed unofficial pre-trial detention on them as a precautionary measure.

“El Duranguillo” was arrested on July 2, a fact that unleashed members of a cell of the Cartel of Sinaloa they committed shootings and roadblocks in Altar, Caborca ​​and Pitiquito, with the purpose of rescuing their leader.

Subjects of the criminal group to which “El Duranguillo” belongs, were shot at by elements of the Army, Navy and National Guard in Altar, Sonora, in addition to establishing road closures to prevent the arrival of more federal elements, which caused fear among inhabitants.

The capture operation was carried out by the Secretary of National Defense, and the four detainees, who were operating in the Altar-Caborca ​​region, were seized with various high-caliber assault weapons.







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