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They launched death threats against the vice president in front of the Instituto Patria

They launched death threats against the vice president in front of the Instituto Patria

“Cristina, now it’s your turn to hang the gallows to get rid of you,” they threatened in front of several City Police officers.

Protesters who identified themselves as “self-convened” they threw rubbish and kicked in the doors and climbed on the windows from the headquarters of Homeland Institute while one of them threatened to kill Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner on “the gallows” through a megaphone, in a protest held this Thursday, in front of four city ​​police officers They watched what was happening, without intervening.

The group of people gathered after 5 p.m. in front of the building located in the street Rodriguez Peña 80in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Congreso, and there they began to throw garbage on the access door to the building, which was closed, while the individual with the megaphone said “Cristina, now it’s your turn to hang, it’s the only way to get rid of you”in front of several agents of the Buenos Aires police.

The protest lasted for more than an hour and, although it only gathered around twenty people, it included the blocking of the street, while threats of the tenor of “We are going to hang you here, in front of the Patria Institute and, if not, in front of the Senate”which were made by the person carrying the megaphone and who seemed to be leading the demonstration.

The situation lasted until around 6:00 p.m., with intimidating phrases such as “We are going to look for them with machine guns to liquidate them at the moment and hang them”in a succession of death threats that were recorded on video by a journalist who was passing by and that were broadcast on the website and in the print edition of the free newspaper El Argentino.

The death threats against the vice president, who has had offices in the Instituto Patria for several years, were added to the stone attack on the windows of her office in the Senate of the Nation on March 10, while the symbol of the gallows He has already appeared in several opposition marches with strong anti-Kirchnerist content.

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