Butter arrived escorted by members of the National Police, who immediately took him inside the prosecutor's office in Monte Plata.

They know measure of coercion to Mantequilla in the midst of protests

In the midst of protests from two opposing groups, the Monte Plata Permanent Attention Office learned this morning of the request for a measure of coercion made by the Public Ministry against Wilkin García (Mantequilla), accused of threatening death and fraud through his company 3.14 World Wide Investments SRL.

While some “investors” claim that if Mantequilla is sentenced to preventive detention, there will be no Christmas in Monte Plata, others claim to have given money without receiving anything in return, for which they hope that justice will be done.

On one side, those who support him and demand his freedom were located in the Palace of Justice, and on the other, those who demand that justice be done against him and that he be sent to jail.

While those who claim to have been scammed by Wilkin García also ask with posters outside the Monte Plata Prosecutor’s Office for justice to be done.

Butter upon arrival at the Palace of Justice in Monte Plata last Saturday.

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The Monte Plata Prosecutor’s Office accuses him of fraud and threatening to kill more than 20 people who complained against him.

Monte Plata prosecutor Ramona Santana Uceta maintains that the Prosecutor’s Office received some 25 formal complaints for fraud filed by citizens through lawyers against García Peguero, as well as some 10 complaints filed directly by citizens.

He explained that based on this, the Public Ministry issued, on the 9th of this month, an arrest warrant against him for violating articles 307 and 405 of the Dominican Penal Code.

He stated that in response to that, Judge Carmen Daniela Araujo, of the Judicial Office of Permanent Attention Services of the Monte Plata Judicial District, issued arrest warrant number 668-2022-SAJP-01389 against the accused.

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He indicated that García Peguero raised millions of pesos through an unregulated company called 3.14 Inversiones World Wide, which operated in a commercial premises and in a residence in the Sabana Grande de Boyá municipality, and about which the financial authorities warned the population of that it was a pyramid business.

His arrest occurred after he reported to the Police Palace, supposedly to record a video to post on social media as a way of demonstrating that he was not being persecuted by the authorities.

It is recalled that at the beginning of this month of November, the young Rolando Desulme filed a complaint against Wilkin García Peguero with the Public Ministry of that town for allegedly having threatened him with death.

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Desulme alleges that Mantequilla owed him 450,000 pesos and that he had called him on a video threatening him with death and asking him to apologize on social media to return his money.

“He threatened me that he could kill me with five thousand pesos, that was what my life was worth and he doesn’t have to use a weapon to kill me, he has someone who does the work,” said the young man.

On social networks there are several videos that show the discontent of people who invested in the company Inversiones 3.14 with the “hope that their money would multiply”, as the company promised.

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